You can help out by reporting or fixing problems you find.

Using the GitHub Issue Tracker

The Santulator project uses the GitHub issue tracker. First of all you’ll need an account with GitHub. If you don’t have an account you can create one here.

Now log onto GitHub and go to the Santulator Issues Page. Here you can see all of the reported issues. Please first check whether the problem that you’ve seen has already been reported. If it hasn’t you can press ‘New Issue’ to report the problem.

What to Include in the Bug Report

Please include as much relevant information as you can when you report the problem. The following list is intended to give you an idea of the sort of information to include:

  • A list of the steps to reproduce the problem.
  • A screenshot illustrating the problem if the issue is a visual one.
  • Save the session to a .santa file and include this.
  • Are you running a Mac, Linux or Windows?
  • The system.log file. See the section below for details of how to obtain this.

Where to Find the Log File

The system.log file contains information that can help to find out what Santulator was doing when a problem occurred. The location of this file depends on the system you’re using:

Operating System Directory
Apple OSX: ~/Library/Logs/Santulator/system.log
Microsoft Windows: %APPDATA%\Santulator\logs\system.log
Linux: ~/.Santulator/logs/system.log

Fixing Problems

Santulator is Open Source Software and the project welcomes code contributions. If you can fix the problem yourself, please send a GitHub Pull Request.